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Secular Texas 84th Legislature Bill Watch Underway

Secular Texas 84th Legislature Bill Watch Underway

at 9:57 pm

Secular Texas has begun Bill Watch for the 84th Legislative Session. The bills are only beginning to come in, but there are already some inspiring ones and some truly hateful ones.

Here is a small taste of bills that have been filed so far this session:

The Good

HB 78: A strong bill calling for evidence based sex education in public schools, based around personal decision making and communication, instead of the current fear and shame tactics being used.

HJR 34: Calling for an amendment to the Texas Constitution to remove the ban on same-sex marriage.

The Bad

SB 276: An incognito attempt to pass school vouchers, allowing state money to be funneled away from public schools, instead to private religious schools which are held to no academic standards.

SJR 10: Proposing an amendment to the Texas Constitution that would dismantle discrimination protections on the grounds of "religious freedom."

The Ugly

HB 623: A law that would make it illegal for state and local government employees to issue marriage licenses or perform ceremonies for same-sex couples when the Texas ban is overturned by federal courts. This law would punish any employees who dare violate the religious superstition of some by firing them and denying all pension benefits built up over years of service.

Keep up with the bills filed, research and analysis for each.

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Texas Theocracy Watch is a service of Secular Texas.

With researchers and observers in Austin, Texas Theocracy Watch reports and comments on religion creeping into our state and local governments and the State Board of Education. It is our goal to keep the secular community up to date on news related to secular government in Texas and around the nation, as other states are often used as testing grounds for religious legislation. In addition, Texas Theocracy Watch attempts to bring context and a rational, sober analysis to the current events of Texas politics, as relate to our goals.

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Secular Texas is an ad hoc group of citizens advocating for the concerns of the secular community of Texas. We seek a rational state government that enacts policy based on scientific realities. Secular Texas also addresses any attempt to use State or Local government resources or power to endorse religion, or provide privilege to religious institutions in Texas.

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