Often we publish a piece of recent science news with a brief note of how it may relate to something interesting in our lives. This Friday I received sort of the opposite thing. It was an offer from National Geographic magazine to buy a new book called, Glimpsing Heaven by Judy Bachrach. It claims to present "the stories and science of life after death!" It made me wonder if, instead of a cruise to the Galapagos, Nat Geo might start offering seances. 

Several years ago Nat Geo published an article about a very expensive fossil from China - it was a fabulous and remarkable find. Later careful analysis showed that this specimen had been fabricated by putting together bits of a few specimens of different ages from unrelated organisms. 

So, a simple lesson: a source that seems scientific may not be, if it does not have peer-review of the material it releases.

BTW: the book mentioned above might be excellent to keep in the bathroom - just in case you run out of the sort of paper that usually comes in rolls.